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The best DJs for your wedding in Germany.

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Is it possible to organize a wedding without good music?

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The most important party of your life without popular hits and an impeccable mix is ​​a bad idea. Because the music creates a good mood and a festive atmosphere at the holiday. With it, you can turn your wedding into something special for all guests, so a professional DJ is one of the most important people at such an event.

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Professional DJ or Spotify?

half venzel - Wedding-DJ

Modern technology has stepped far forward and this is noticeable in the music industry. Many music services such as Spotify and Youtube offer great playlists and a selection of music. This creates a great mood in the car or at home when the music plays in the background. At the wedding, this option is completely unacceptable since guests from different countries, of different ages with different musical tastes gathered on the same dance floor. And if everyone likes the first track from the playlist, then all the guests will disperse to the third track.

Why this happens you can read the article on our blog.

Professional DJs who can make hot wedding parties.

venzel gold - Wedding-DJ

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DJ Rommy

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DJ Skafelnikof

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Vokal-DJ Kamzin

The age of our DJs is just at the junction of three generations.

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Wishes are always welcome!

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All our artists are well versed in Russian, German, international music. But if your guests came from another country such as Italy or Turkey, then you can tell us about it and our DJs will be able to compose an even more interesting and diverse set list.


venzel gold - Wedding-DJ

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