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Characteristics of a German wedding

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Wedding presenter or tamada

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Our team has been working in Europe’s most progressive and romantic country for many years – Germany. We offer all wedding leaders. Such a person is called Tamada in Russia, and the word moderator is popular in the German environment. However, the essence of it does not change practically. The wedding director is the most prominent and popular person on this holiday. After the newlyweds, of course.

The Russian wedding in Germany has its own characteristics. As a rule, our customers speak German fluently. In their hearts, however, they still remain “Russians” who honor the traditions of their homeland. This interests the parents of the newlyweds, the main patrons of the wedding party. They believe that a Tamada is a must for Russian festivals in Germany.

Moderator vs Tamada - Master of ceremony


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Our tasks

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We always take into account all the characteristics of Russian-German festivals. A wedding in Bavaria, Saxony or another German state brings together people who speak different languages. That is why our moderators must speak Russian and German fluently and be able to reach and entertain guests easily

Alex and other professional moderators do this artistically unobtrusively with a special aristocratic style. They know how to give every party a special treat, which video material and wedding guests can confirm.

Without exaggeration, it can be said that the wedding director in Germany is the link between musicians, guests, chefs, photographers and other professionals who shape this celebration.

Our style

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We prepare each wedding in a special process, in the style of a television or stand-up show. We attach great importance to the location of the celebration, we examine all the strengths that can be used in the plan.

In an elegant and relaxed atmosphere, guests can communicate with each other in a pleasant way and take part in entertaining competitions. Fun and festive mood gradually come when the guests get to know each other and there is a relaxed atmosphere. The highlight of the fun is a loud and nice party when, as they say, everyone is dancing.


venzel gold - Master of ceremony

We do not accept vulgarity and farce in the style of the 90s, e.g. Dress up, attract money from guests or other cheap tricks. Everything is going perfectly, with the utmost respect for the main characters of the event and the guests of the festival.

If you want a Russian wedding to shine in Germany and meet all of our principles, drop us a line and learn the details.

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