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dummy - Wedding Agency in Hamburg

We organize very beautiful Weddings.

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You dream of a beautiful wedding in Germany andwe can make your dreams come true!
Wedding agency Viveventio will plan and conduct your celebration in detail very stylishly and easily.
We operate throughout Germany, and our office is in Hamburg.


We begin to plan an event immediately after signing the contract. We carefully listen to the wishes of the newlyweds and parents, share our experiences and jointly create the concept of the entire wedding. Based on our professional experience, we try to anticipate possible overlaps, inconsistencies and awkward moments, to avoid them at the planning stage, and not during the celebration itself.

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This is how our team organizes weddings.


The team of Viveventio consists of:

We know how to make you "wow"!

Our artists light up the guests from the first minutes of the celebration and keep them in an ecstatic state for the entire wedding. Our photographers, meanwhile, will keep for you the “WOW”effectin photo and video materials, the viewing of which will bring back the same feeling about your celebrationmany years later.

Videobewertungen von glücklichen Brautpaar

Our principles

  1. We are able to take responsibility and create luxury wedding shows.
  2. The Viveventio team is guided not by sensations, but by well-established technologies. We know exactly what is needed, and what is not necessary.
  3. We are always ready for force majeure circumstances and are able to overcome them. If it suddenly rains, the tension in the network disappears or the bride tears the dress, our team will quickly find a solution to any problem.


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There are 2 simple steps for this.

The first is the program. It should be understood by both the guests on the part of the groom and the bride on the part of the bride.

The second is adaptation and improvisation. The host monitors the mood changes of each guest and carefully changes the script of the evening. Our guideline is smiles, warm emotions, laughter, feelings, lively interest, curiosity …

Unfortunately this is not possible. The fact is that the presenter and DJ are a single team. If the leader monitors the mood of the guests, then the DJ carefully monitors the actions of the leader and what is happening. And this is not only background music, but also compositions, interruptions and even small sensual musical sketches. Imagine that the groom was asked a question and he gently looked at his beloved. The host noticed and stopped. He gave an inconspicuous sign to the DJ. And at that moment a gentle melody began to play. Tears of the mother. Gentle hugs. It is for this that we work – real sincere feelings, real, lively emotions.

Yes. We will offer our photographers, but we can work with yours as well. The main thing is that you be sure of it.

Our work begins at the moment when guests gather in the restaurant, and ends when the bride and groom leave. We want to pay attention that the start time of the program is extremely important. Let’s start too soon – by the evening everyone will get tired and start falling asleep. Why do you need sleepy guests? We start late – and it will be a shame to end a beautiful day. Therefore, we suggest starting the holiday around 15:00. Of course, if there are any objective reasons for the shift, then we will try to take this into account in our scenario.

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